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>At 08:37 PM 9/18/97 -0500, Eliezer wrote:
>>>........ However, I take faith to more
>>> usually refer to the *way* in which a belief is held, i.e, not in
>>> accordance with or sensitive to evidence and reasons.....
>>> Max

*** Indeed >>> The believer just believes... and such belief does not even
need to be based in true objects... (remember those who suicided to
"follow"a comet ??? (hihihi... sorry) ) That is the "real" force of the faith...
..... and why is so difficult to remove it .... but agree that it was very
inteligent to use faith as an axiom....

>>Although there are undoubtedly fundamentalists who would shriek that Faith
>>must reign supreme over Reason.........

*** This really makes me nervous !!!!!!

>>, there are also sane people, some of them with

*** sane ???? ok... just locally ( in the intelectual field ) still

>>doctorates in physics, who would insist that every word of the Old Testament
>>is unvarnished and unmetaphorical fact. Many would take offense if you
>>suggested that their belief is not "in accordance with or sensitive to
>>evidence and reasons".

*** more nervous !!!! and the evolution, the artificialization of the body,
the clones for organ transplantation ....????
... they are still trying to manage their inner psichological conflicts and
we waiting, waiting...

>They make take offense, but I would stand by my view that their belief is
>not in accordance with the evidence. Surely you are not suggesting that a
>Ph.D. in physics can rationally hold that "every word of the Old Testament
>is unvarnished and unmetaphorical fact"? The Earth is only a few thousand
>years old?....

*** and possibly flat....

> God created Adam and Eve and there was no evolution.

*** in their minds... just the usage of clothes, what I disagree...

>Such a
>physics Ph.D. would have a faith in both senses of the term -- a belief in
>a doctrine, and a belief insensitive to evidence.

*** and, very interesting phenomena, to be more seriously studied, like the
so-called paranormal ones, waiting for being analised... or the nocive and
suicidal tendencies of some "saints, still influencing lots of minds...
principally of poorer people...

>>While it is not my intention to intervene in religious disputes at this
>time -
>>I feel we'll all know who was right soon enough -

*** But, to teach never is bad....They'll understand sooner or later...

>> I do feel it necessary to
>>remind everyone that there are sincerely and unapologetically religious
>>people, who are often involved with charitable issues

*** The only thing that will really survive after the end of religions and
the beginning of a self-sustainable good in the human minds ( and

>> and generally spread a
>>little Light around, even if it is in the name of God.

*** Children learning to walk...

> ..... I don't event think that religions are entirely bad

*** Just filter the good part of their programming....

> though I *do* think that faith in the sense of anti-rationalism is

*** faith in lies and... worse... transmitting such lies...

>I don't for a moment despise religious people even when I get email like
>this from Christians in response to my In Praise of the Devil:
>>you are a shit man.fuck you
>(That one came today. A few days ago I got this one:)
>>Hey Pee-brain!!!!!!!!!!
>>Read the Bible again, and use your fucking "critical thinking"!!!!
>>Let me make an analogy for your sorry sucker's ass.
>>God did not tell us to drive slowly and take no risks for joy!!!He simply
>>warned us to drive safely and wear your fucking seat belt!!!!!!
>>The Bible
>>never said to not be happy!!!

*** Such worm's "brain" certainly did not read all the "bible"...
>.... And most of these religious framewords contain something of

*** The value, where there is, is in the mind of the humans who created the
"writings"... even if confused and delirant, with serious cases of double (
or multiple..) personality...

I do find more of value in Hinduism and Buddhism than in

.... they're much modester than christians ( chindren of "the king" <
selfprojection of their minds> )

but even the latter can have a good effect by encouraging a
>loving attitude -- something that some of us could do with more of.

*** Yes, really yes....


>Max More, Ph.D.


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