Just Evolute the Brain!!! (was Re: Is cryopreservation a

Prof. Jose Gomes Filho (gomes@dpx.cnen.gov.br)
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 13:54:45 -0200

Was written:

>> You're going to let computers become more intelligent than you? Haven't
>> you seen Terminator 2 ?!?
>> When computers are more intelligent than you, your only usefullness will
>> be in a zoo or museum.
>> I don't plan on being obsolete.
>Tough luck.
>> geoff.
>..... Eliezer

Just notice that evolution, on earth, already got the state named
"artificially"controlled... i.e, one of its agents simply assumed control...
(artificial is a particular natural, repeat...)
Some of its local agents, the humans, ( the most intelligent, of course,
f.ex, us...) have already perceived that the old history of "father and son"
is really dead >>> we're similars, pertaining to the same equivalence
class... so, we will not be the "fathers" of new better pretty creatures...
the next inheritors of Earth...No ! We will simply improve our own brains (
and bodies) and be each time better ( if any of the sillies that wander
around the world, prefer to continue like they are, just let's separate the
species: the new "homo cyber" is comming...>>> homo sapiens: evoluted or
die... christianly, of course...) After we evolute, we *may* be charitous
and help the desistants (and, worse, those who simply perturb..) Even Jesus,
emotionally unbalanced, but "good intentioned" (according to his
suppositions set...) and smart, said: "Take first the wood out from *your*
eyes... just after try to take the stick from the other eyes..." Or : "How
can a blind lead other blind ??? Both will simply fall into a hole"... "Who
has ears to hear (and understand) , just hear (and understand) "[ the same


Charity is not just for Ignorants...
But Menthal Evoltution is not for them anyway...or they will have changed...

PS: You know that Jesus said too: "Do not give pearls to pigs... they will
simply turn back and hurt you..." ??
So...beware and do not improve the brains of all of them, at least at a
first moment...

Humor: You know the difference between an atheist and a religious ?? It will
not be necessary to freeze the brain of the second....(hahaha) ( just
kidding... I know that positive atheism is a very high level evolutive

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