Subject: Mary Kay Schmitz LeTourneau's case

Tony Hollick (
Fri, 19 Sep 97 09:02 BST-1

To: Avedon Carol, "Feminists Against Censorship"

19 September 1997

Hi, Avedon,

Herewith as promised the CIX faxmachine header for Judge Linda
Lau's Court, which will be considering sentencing and other options in
the case of Mary Kay Schmitz LeTourneau (on October 17, AFAIK). Judge
Lau's a feminist; Mary Kay's an individualist.

Mary Kay and her friends are _glorious_ people -- I want to
marry her and make babies... >:-} ).

Within the past 24 hours, five goons calling themselves 'prison
guards' at King County Jail trashed Mary Kay's cell for 15 minutes,
and took away her breast-feeding attachment she uses to feed young
Audrey every day.... >:-{

This was within 24 hours of my filing a complaint about one of
the prison guards, who's tryinmg to mind-fuck Mary Kay by searching
her cell all the time, telling other inmates she should be 'gassed'
(no gas chambers in Washington State as of now ..) and noting down
secretive entries all the while in a 'little black book' she keeps on

I'll be discussing all this later today with William Hood,
ex-OSS and a former Deputy to James Jesus Angleton, for twenty ears
Chief of CIA Counterintelligence. He knows 'everyone.' Nice man to
chat with too -- he writes rather good spy novels now, and most
readable historical works also.

All the best, Avedon



/ /\ \

(I'm reciprocally interactive with _both_ sides of the Force... >:-} )

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% Faxctrl: Faxno=001 206 205 2585
% Faxctrl: To=Judge Linda Lau, King County Superior Court
% Faxctrl: From=Tony Hollick
% Faxctrl: Subject=Mary Kay Schmitz LeTourneau -- Ref: 97-1-015 23-1 . KNT
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Judge Linda Lau,

King County Superior Court,
No. 2D, 401 4th Avenue North,
USA 08032

Tel: 206-296-9242

Fax: 206-205-2585

Dear Judge Lau, 12 August 1997

Thank you so very much for your procedural help in enabling me to submit
this brief to your Court, for the Hearing of 29 August (the birthday of
Constitutional philosopher John Locke, by the way).

There follows my amicus curiae brief in the case of Mary Kay Schmitz
LeTourneau. I am asking for further advice in the matter. I am acting
entirely independently, and on my own judgement. I have no financial
interest in the case.

Relevant press reports are on file at:

http;// (Seattle Times).

All my hopes and dreams for America's future, and for the future of Mary
Kay and her family, will be with you always.

Yours sincerely,

Anthony Hugh Hollick

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