Re: Cosmobiology?

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 23:56:44 -0500

Keith Elis ('Hagbard Celine') wrote:
> Prof. Jose Gomes Filho wrote:
> > Interrelated Interests:
> > Physics
> > Cosmobiology
> > Neurosciences
> > Artificialization
> What is cosmobiology? I did a cursory web search and couldn't find a
> definition. Most of the resources seemed linked to astrology, etc. I'm
> interested in yet-to-be universally accepted sciences (if grounded in
> some other form of "hard" science), but if it is related to astrology, I
> would most likely stay away from it.

Check out "evolutionary psychology".
It has the potential to be a hard science someday, and even now it's a simple,
obvious-in-retrospect and ideology-free explanation of the mind. IMHO,
traditional psychology and psychoanalysis were way too complicated and
unfalsifiable to begin with, and are now simply obsoleted by EP.

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