Re: Long term genome (was Re:Is crypreservation a solution?)

Joao Pedro (
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 22:51:14 -0700


I wrote:
> >...................
> >'basic ones'? If aging was a result of 'basic' errors, evolution would
> >soon had found a way to prevent aging which is not the case for our
> >species.
> >...................

Prof. Jose Gomes Filho replied:
> I disgree with you...

That's OK, no-one's perfect (just kidding).

> I simply include the hability developped by some
> animals of transforming the environment as a consequence of evolution. In
> particular, the humans get to change its *own* physical characteristics (
> the possibility of using glasses is a consequence of evolution "acting"
> through humans... or not ???). This way, evolution * found a way * to seeing
> better...

Evolution? Are you trying to say that all human accomplishments are also
a result of evolution?

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