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Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 22:54:54 -0700

At 01:07 AM 9/18/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>'s Randism with a candy pseudo-mystery-cult woo-woo coating.<
>Now there is some integrated thinking.

Hardly. It's the _result_ of thinking, after observation and analysis. It's
called a judgement.
That said, I apologize if I unintentionally offended.

>I am becoming aware after
>a short time on this list that "Singularity" and "The Meme" are
>gods for most of you.

Interesting. How did you come to these conclusions? You mad a bold
assertion a little while ago--I responded to that. I haven't seen your
reply. We may be arguing past each other. I'm especially unclear what this
"gods" stuff is all about. If we can stop sniping long enough, perhaps
you'll detail your complaints.

>I can see why you would have such a problem
>with Rand.

Did I say I had a problem with Rand? I was exposed to a good deal of
jabbering by insincere neocheaters-in-Randite-clothing in college; I had a
problem with _them_. I can get along with Randites. I thought the Zon site
was funny because I hoped it would *work* on the target audience.

There are worse philosophies. I suspect Ms. Rand developed her philosophy
as a reaction to her early years, and as "lifeboat rules", hers have a
great deal more dignity than most.
But I'm not on a lifeboat at the moment. If you are, rock on.


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