Re: Mass Killings and Popcorn

Rick Knight (
Wed, 17 Sep 97 11:43:37 CST

Anton Sherwood wrote:

Look, Rick, I'm willing to try to understand your language;
I'm willing to try to explain when my language leaves you
scratching your head -- but I'm not going to abandon my kind
of clarity for a clumsy imitation of your kind of warmth.
Don't assume, because of that, that I am ignorant of ethics.

But if I do lack compassion, well - tough shit. I'm not
going to acquire it just because you tell me I ought to.
Does that mean we can't work together?

Rick Knight responds:

Well, let's see. I'd need to know what action is behind "willing to
try to understand my language" given the rather adamant "won'ts" you
further decree in your statement.

I tend to synergize most intimately with those more on my wavelength
but I can learn from those who aren't. The appearance of impatience
and intolerance have a high charge for me. For instance, what does
"tough shit" mean to someone with whom you are attempting to establish
cooperation and combine talents/efforts?

I would say that we could likely contribute different perspectives to
a joint effort but not on any intimate scale (in other words, there's
a likelihood that the personality clash would get in the way of the
work). Still, there is something very valuable for the individual in
the discipline of putting ones preferences/expectations aside for the
greater good/ultimate goal.