Dr. Tim Leary, Extropian Matchmaker

Tue, 16 Sep 1997 19:55:38 -0500

Dear Natasha Vita More,
Max replied to me in an e-mail that Gundolf Freyermuth promised him to
translate the last chapter of CYBERLAND, Chaper V Der Cyborg-Prophet,
Mit Max More nach Extropia. It is a fairly long chapter pages 195 to
249 so you would have to pinpoint what you wanted me to translate. I
would probably violate Gundolf's intellectual property rights to
translate a substantial amount and I am also short on time.

One part of the book that fascinated me was that Dr. Tim Leary brought
you and Max together. On page 196 of CYBERLAND: Cyberguru Timothy
Leary brachte dann bei einem Dinner in seinem Hollywooder Haus den
Extropianerhaeuptling mit der TV-Moderatorin, Malerin und Schauspielerin
Nancie Clark zusammen. Es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick. Which
tranlates that, Cyber Guro Dr. Tim brought Max and you (then a TV
moderator, artist and actress together. It was love at first glance.

I am just amazed at how much Dr. Tim had his hand in.

Cyber Ed