Libertarian Economics

Joao Pedro (
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 01:04:21 -0700


I have some questions about economical principles, some regarding
free-markets and libertarian ideals and since many of you seem to
support libertarianism, complete individual freedom, free-markets, etc,
I wondered if you could answer my doubts.

Let's start:
Are most of you, extropians, libertarians?
Why do you think free-markets are the best economical solution?
In today's world, it's almost impossible to do something without
affecting other persons, still why do you claim individual freedom and
an almost cult of individual property so important?
Complete freedom in economies will bring to the scene big corporations
instead of small, local business. Won't this corporations have too much
power and therefore harming everyone (the consumers and general public)
but themselves? Do you think the economy should be based on small
business or big corporations?
What do you think of environmental issues? Do you think technology will
always give us the solutions to all our problems?
What do you think the intervention of government in economy should be?

Guess that's all but I'm sure that whatever your answers will be, I'll
have other questions waiting.

Thanks in advance,

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