Re: Ethics and Politics

Eric Watt Forste (
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 16:55:55 -0700

Arjen Kamphuis writes:
> I'm still not clear who is going to manage the ICBM's in a fully
> privitised economy,

Does a fully privatized economy have any use for ICBMs?
Perhaps they might go away for lack of demand. While this may
not seem likely to some, it's a possibility which should not be
dismissed out of hand.

> or the battle-carrier groups stationed in the gulf for securing
> oil-supply (both the US and European economies depend on this as
> lifeblood).

I don't think they are there for securing oil-supply so much as
they are there for securing the control of oil-supply by US and
European governments (not the same as US and European people).
The people who own the oil (or try to, if you're thinking of Saddam
Hussein) aren't going to make any money by refusing to sell it to
the people who need it.

> How about law-enforcement?

A complex question, difficult to discuss in full detail on a mailing
list of this sort. Have you looked into David Friedman's book THE
MACHINERY OF FREEDOM? That's a good place to start. Another good
one (and much more recent) is Bruce Benson's THE ENTERPRISE OF LAW.

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