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Wed, 17 Sep 1997 01:20:39 +0200

Mark Grant <> wrote:
>On Mon, 15 Sep 1997, Arjen Kamphuis wrote:
>> Well maybe, I'm curious to... It would solve all the discussions.
>> It would be intersting to see what happens, only will there be an
>> brake? What if there's something we missed?
>You're missing an important point which we've discussed here a few times
>in the past; if libertarianism is so bad, there's absolutely nothing
>preventing you from getting together with like-minded people and setting
>up a voluntary communist commune inside the libertarian society. The only
>thing you can't do is force other people to support you.

Sorry, I've been here only for two months or so.
I'm still not clear who is going to manage the ICBM's in a fully privitised
economy, or the battle-carrier groups stationed in the gulf for securing
oil-supply (both the US and European economies depend on this as lifeblood).
Are you going to give Nimitz-class carriers and stuff to Exxon?
How about law-enforcement? Hey! How about legislation in the first place?
Maybe I just don't grasp this as quickly as you did, having been infected
with leftist memes since early childhood.

I'm serious. I could be missing out on a great idea, enlighten me. Please.

But whatever comes of this discussion *please* Mark, do not call me a
communist or imply that I am one. For me that is one of the worst name's
you could call me, extremly insulting and hurtful.
I will acknowledge that the Dutch political spectrum is shifted to the left
compared to the US, so if I'm center-left in Holland people will consider
me a socialist in the US. That's OK, I can live with that. But never,
*ever*, call me a communist Mark. I can assure you that having seen the
effects of communism I hate it with a severity that would have left both
General Patton and Senator McCarthy breathless. Trust me. *No one* hates
communism more than I do, it's not possible.
Sorry for this rant but I hope you can imagine that being called a
communist evokes somewhat of a reaction inside me. Just wanted that to be

Arjen Kamphuis

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