The Weavers (Was: Re: genocide)

Arjen Kamphuis (
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 17:07:52 +0200

At 21:14 15-09-97 Anton Sherwood <> wrote:
>That fits if he was talking about the Weavers (though the Weavers
>were no threat to anybody); but after all this time I'm not sure
>he wasn't talking about the Branch Davidians, of whom only half
>were White. But one can't expect an ordinary person like Harlan
>Ellison to know that inconvenient fact.

I just found the video "Ruby Ridge" in the store and watched it (After
checking my laptop I understood where I'd seen the name 'Weaver' before).

Even though I cannot confirm the accuracy of the movie I'm beginning to
understand why so many people on this list distrust the governement the way
they do. I still do not agree but your point is much clearer to me now.


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