Re: Election Fraud???

Abraham Moses Genen (
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 21:21:35 -0400

Abraham Moses Genen
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From: Eric Watt Forste <>
Subject: Re: Election Fraud???
Date: Monday, September 15, 1997 5:24 PM

Abraham Moses Genen writes:
> Despite our friend EvMicks usual cynicism it must be remembered
> that the vast majority of election are fair and honest. It is a
> rare exception when there is so much tampering with the voting
> machines or the ballot box that an election has to be done over.

Well, no, it's a rare exception when so much tampering is *proven*.
Right now there's the Dornan situation down in southern California,
and up here in northern California, there's the situation with
Mayor McHat and his football-team-owning buddies stealing huge
amounts of money from the people of San Francisco with a fraudulent
election about state subsidies for a new football stadium.
Panem et circenses, anyone?
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Dear fellow Extropians:
On the rare occasions when an election becomes the subject of media
exploitation there will be those who extrapolate the few to the majority.
There is an obvious falicy in such imaginings.
No, the system is not totally corrupt. There are some corrupt people in
almost every organization. What needs to be done is to increase our
emphasis on ethics.
Let's stop spitting on every little thing. It's not really that