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>I recently read Gundolf Freyermuth book in German called CYBERLAND. I
>would highly recommend it to any German-speaking members of the
>Extropian list. Gundolf Freyermuth lives in the White Mountains of
>Arizona and his book is an excellent exposition on the Extropians, the
>computer revolution, cryonics, cyborgs etc. in a unique German
>perspective. It has helped me to discussion these issues with
>German-speaking pen pals etc. You can get the book from a mail order
>service in Alabama by writing an e-mail to Barbara at IBIS@HIWAAY.NET

It would be wonderful if you could translate at least a bit of the last
chapter. I enjoyed doing the interview with Gundolf and I do have a copy of
_Cyberland_. Although I am of German ancestry, I do not speak German. I
would love to have this for my Web site.

He was at EXTRO-3. I don't know if he is writing an article on the
conference, but it would be quite good if he did.

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