META: the evolution of aging

Anton Sherwood (
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 18:46:05 -0700

Joao Pedro writes--
: This is a condensed version of "Why are We Allowed to Age?", an essay
: written by me on the subject of evolution of aging. The full text,
: hopefully, will be available next week at,

Does the full document have the same bad margins,
making it as hard to read as this excerpt?

: Why Are We Allowed to Age?
: (...)
: Is Aging a Bad Thing?
: (...)
: The main, natural, objective of any living creature is to
: reproduce. To
: survive long enough to pass on it's genes to the next
: generation.
: Natural selection, selects the genes that can produce the
: higher numbers
: of the most fit offspring whereas fitness is defined as the
: capacity to
: produce fit offspring.
: (...)