Re: An Ass

Frank Mcelligott (
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 18:57:07 -0700

and John Clark wrote
A bozo who calls himself Frank Mcelligott <>

You sir are an ass. The Extropians List is no place a moron who thinks a =

bar fight is the place to find truth or virtue, try
alt.redneck.pinheads =

I think you'd be happier there. =

Dear John,

I see you have appointed yourself Czar of the Extropian list. This I
can understand, as you sit at home alone without friends without someone
to love without anyone loving you, and you can=92t understand why. Maybe=

this will help ,John, you are an ass, smart but still an ass. Can you
read my handwriting, or am I scribbling again.

Simply put, the 18 year went off to never never land with the word
NAZI, and told Holly to SHUT THE FUCK UP. I was just attempting to
explain to this intelligent child that if he plans to use that phase in
public where the listener can lay hands on him 90% of the American male
population would not stand for it, and when you attempt to take e them
back, normally ,it is to late in the game, and Eli, instead ,you better
be prepared to back up it with your life. That Phase is referred to in
the American Judicial System as fighting words, and you can be beaten to
a pulp and the Government says you started the fracas when you used
that phase , YOU should have known better they will tell you. Hey John
what if Perry was there while ELI were getting beat up, do not look for
his help, he only quote JOHN GALT while Eli bleeds, what would you do,
John, call the REDNECK a pin head, or would you help. Yeah, John, I
already know you, you hide behind that superior brain you have been
blessed with, and turn a phase when needed, but can I counted on when
the chips are falling ,can Eli count on you, can anybody in this world
count on you, John? =

Now when the intelligent no make that brilliant 18 year old reaches 21
and is allowed to go to a bar, you see John thats where the women are
oh forgot you are a lonely Bastard who spends all his time in a black
hole no pun a real BLACK HOLE, He better watch his vulgar mouth no
matter how angry he gets. I have seen men killed for less. =

Sorry for the tangent, I am an ass, yes I am simple, yes I am a fool,
yes I work hard for a living, defined for those who need a definition
as having callous hands, something most of the members of this list can
not relate too, and I do frequent bars, and yes I do talk to woman, and
if you had said to me in PERSON what you said it your last post I would
have told you to chill out, do not take life so seriously, go get
laid, smile, take a walk in a garden, smell the roses, but John if you
for some unknown reason, continued with you intellectual BULL SHIT, I
would played black Hole with your body and stuff your feet in the
timespace where your head use to be.