Public Apologies to Eleizer

Holly Pearson (
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 13:46:50

This is a public apology to Eliezer:

Eliezer said: I'm sorry, Pearson.

Me: You shouldn't be sorry - your anger was heartfelt and
understandable. I'm am the one who is sorry.

Eliezer siad: But please, PLEASE stop the *lighthearted* references to
the Holocaust. I visited the Holocaust Museum less than a month ago and
I can't take this. Your casual comparisions are a thousand times more
obscene than any swear words that ever existed.

I still can't write that or read it without tears coming to my eyes.

Please stop the Holocaust references. PLEASE.

Me: I very, VERY sorry Eleizer for what I have unintentional wrought
here. My heart goes out to you and I feel for you. I assure you I was
using the word 'nazi' in *whay I thought* was a sterile, objective
manner. As several have eloquenty pointed out I used it without forethought.
I have learned something here. I ill not use it again except in the
most objective of contexts.

Very Warmly,

Holly Pearson

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