Apologies and Explanations

Holly Pearson (hpearson@usa.net)
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 13:05:45

To extropians:

I hope you can forgive me for using that 'nazi' word. I assure you I
did not intend to insult. I thought I was using it in the most sterile,
discretionary and objective, and intellectual manner. But as Greg
Bursch so eloquently pointed out, for most it has a very SPECIFIC meaning
wheras I was resorting to hyperbole. My apologies.

As for my well being, I'm fine. I am to a large degree playing
devil's advocate and on occasion resulting to theatrics in the hopes that I
can generate diaolog on some very tough and thorny issues, that I believe
are not scrutinized carefully enough on this list.

Warm Regards to all,

Holly Pearson

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