Re: Does a copy know ?

Max M (
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 13:13:50 +0200

Berrie Staring wrote:

> To give you one example of my opinion:
> I freeze a person.
> When he is in cryo-suspension.
> I put all relevant data in a computer, destroy the
> original. Build a new one, and wake him
> He will claim, he is the one who went into
> The Cryo-suspension.
> There is no way this person, will have a memory,
> That tells him he has been copied, since I gave
> Him the exact brain-pattern where he started with.
> If you copy one alive though (living in time)
> He'll know when he's been copied, therefore
> It will become a part of his memory, and that's
> Why he can tell he is the copy or the original.

If it's a perfect copy, then none of them will know. They will both
claim to be the original and in fact they will be! They will have some
practical issues to debate though. :-)

But the fact is that it will probably never be possible to make an EXACT
copy of anything. Even though we might be able to get so close that
nobody can meassure or feel the difference.

Hilsen / Regards
Max M

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