To Holly . . .
Sun, 14 Sep 1997 16:58:01 -0400 (EDT)

To Holly:

>I expect the skills I have now will be obsolete by the end of 98..

>I no longer have the time nor energy to gain new skills at the rate

>required by todayís free-market. I will probably be obsolete within

>2 years and dead with 5 unless something very *fundamental* changes

>from the free-market hell which is killing me. [...] help - I want

>to live! I want to live in the amazing future that is unfolding.

>Shouldnít everyone get an *EQUAL* chance to live well in the future?

>Otherwise arenít extropians naziís - either by choice or by default?

I understand this dilema all too well. What is around the corner, however,
are certain
core technologies, which if harnessed and applied appropriately, can in fact
the instruments of empowerment, rather than a harbinger of defacto
cast upon the general population. This is, in fact, the very essense of the
aspects of a series of threshold increments to be tested by, and hopefully,
successfully negotiated, and responded to as becoming more robust entities.

As one who is directly involved with the development of some of the integral
of an area of technology specifically embedded into this functionality matrix
of the
near future, it is precisely with you, and folks of a similar ilk, confronted
with this
dilema, that I temper my motivations and developmental trajectories with.

Know this as truth . . . your scenario is indeed all to well understood, and

You will indeed be here, flourish, and relish in the experience of a world
imagined by your predecessors.