Holly's Problem

John K Clark (johnkc@well.com)
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 21:29:28 -0700 (PDT)


On Sat, 13 Sep 1997 "Holly Pearson" <hpearson@usa.net> Wrote:

>I expect the skills I have now will be obsolete by the end of 98.
>I no longer have the time nor energy to gain new skills at the rate
>required by todayís free-market. I will probably be obsolete within
>2 years and dead with 5 unless something very *fundamental* changes
>from the free-market hell which is killing me. [...] help - I want
>to live! I want to live in the amazing future that is unfolding.
>Shouldnít everyone get an *EQUAL* chance to live well in the future?
>Otherwise arenít extropians naziís - either by choice or by default?

I hope you cheer up, but it's not clear to me what you expect of us, how we
could help or why you're worried. If it's just that the burdens of life are
too great for you then you can always do what millions do, get the state to
force us to carry them for you, in addition to the similar burdens we already
have by virtue of also being alive just like you. Personally I think I could
handle the extra load and despite some intemperate remarks I have a hunch
you're a nice person so I wouldn't mind giving you a helping hand, although
I'd resent like hell being forced to. But I don't think you're really worried
about dying of starvation, I think you're worried of dying from despair
because you'll feel worthless. If the root of your problem is not money,
and I don't thing it is, then no economic system, not even the free market,
can solve it. I sympathize, I don't want to sound callous and I really hope
you don't die but nobody can give you self respect, regardless of how much
money extorted from others by the state you receive each month. You're going
to have to find a reason to live from within yourself, the free market did
not cause your problem nor can it solve it.
I wish you a long and happy life.

John K Clark johnkc@well.com

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