Re: Help! Leisure or Extro-Holocaust?

Kennita Watson (
Sun, 14 Sep 1997 09:25:01 -0700

Holly writes:
>Dear Extropians,
>I am on of you. I am intelligent, hard working and in my deepest
>yearnings an extropian to the core. Despite this I am falling behind. I am
>dying (slowly).... I AM BURNING OUT.... things can only get worse for me.
>I will be
>lucky to be alive in 5 years - I will run out of energy far sooner.
>...I am still falling behind economically. I expect the skills I have
>now will be obsolete by the end of 98.

Holly -- no political analysis, no market analysis, no technological
analysis, only a (possibly ill-founded) medical/emotional analysis:


If thinking your way out of your despondency has not helped, please
consider medical help. I am happier than I thought I could be since
I started taking Zoloft; my mother came out of a deep, deep well with
Prozac; and there are other antidepressants available if those don't
work for you.

I also worry about people who say "things can only get worse". If
you've considered suicide, getting to a medical professional, or
calling a suicide hotline if going to an MD sounds too hard, becomes
even more important.

One [...] at a time,

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