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Arjen Kamphuis (mountain@knoware.nl)
Sun, 14 Sep 1997 17:08:28 +0200

>From several meters below sea-level:

Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet IRL the other Dutch members of this
list to socialize, exchange ideas and make plans. Dalibor den Otter has
taken the initiative to start a Transhuman Society here in Holland and all
of us are going to help.
It was great to talk to people that share so many of your own ideas &
beliefs. While trying to make a list of objectives for the society we kept
getting side-tracked by spontanious discussions about nano-tech,
cryogenics, computer technology and such. We were all a bit frustrated by
the slowness of verbal communication (would have preferred a fiberoptic
cable hard-wired to our frontal-lobes). We did not get as much work done as
we would have liked to but the athmosphere was electric!

Our primary goals will be to:
- Create a legal & organisational structure for the society
- Build a bi-lingual website (Dutch/English) to promote transhuman
memes in Holland and Belgium (were the language is also Dutch - sort of).

Hopefully this will allow us to formally initiate a society with at least
25 active members or so within the next 3-6 months.

After that we will divide in project-teams to work on concrete tasks:

- Further promation of Transhuman ideas by extending the web-site,
promoting it, seeking alliances with memetically related
organisations/people, and usage of more convetional media to create
a greater awereness of our existence.

- Promoting nanotechnology by educating key-persons in industry,
governement and influencial non-profit organisations like the dutch
cancer foundation (respected and well-funded).

- Setting up a suspension-infratructure. This is not just a physical site
in Holland but also means emergency planning, educating doctors and
hospital staff, creating generall awerness by educating the public.
We believe that once a certain foundation has been laid down cryonics
could be pretty big in Holland since it is a very liberal country in
matters like these.

- Collecting an organizing information on all kind of emering technologies
such as practical space exploration and genetic engineering and it's
possible applications and socioeconomical effects.

- Organizing regular get-togethers (because Holland is so small we could do
this very often at little cost to anyone)

There's just five of us now, we're just starting and have an enormous
amount of work ahead of us. I'll be sure to re-read Max More's DO.htm file
every now and then to further sharpen my 'can do!' attitude ;-)

Any tips, contructive critisims, practical experiences and suitcases filled
with unmarked 1000-dollar bill's will be greatly appreaciated.

Send them to mountain@knoware.nl (we'll make an appointment for those
many thanks in advance.


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