".....the vast majority of elections are fair and honest."

Sun, 14 Sep 1997 09:09:01 -0400 (EDT)

As is our judiciary system:

Excerpted from Rocky Mountain News...in part:

>>>>>Even before Republican Fife Symington was elected to his first term as
Arizona governor, the leftwing Democrat cadre was gunning for him. Some
may recall erstwhile Senator Howard Metzenbaum summarily hauling
Symington in front of a committee inquiry (which, unlike DNC
investigations, WAS televised) for a quick coat of tar and feathers.

The people elected Symington in spite of the legitimized smear tactics -
and after he lowered taxes, reduced government intrusion and still
turned a Democrat deficit into a surplus budget, The People had the
audacity to re-elect him ... and polls show we'd still do it again.

Desperation time for the Democrats. So Janet Reno fired all the federal
prosecutors and installed Ms. Napolitano (the counsel who was last seen
whispering into Anita Hill's ear during the attempted lynching of
Clarence Thomas) and she got together with the unions who OWN properties
developed by Symington. Oh, they didn't buy them. They arranged for a
pension fund mortgage, created union construction jobs and high enough
costs to enable them to foreclose and take full possession. But getting
the property wasn't enough - they want to get Symington. And despite
the fact that a long list of charges have been heard and dismissed over
the years, they kept coming back and proceeded with a jury trial.

Well, let's look more closely at that "jury" aspect. Despite serioous
scandals arising around hard core Democrat campaign agents who LIED to
get onto the jury creating possible mistrial problems early on, Judge
Roger Strand did the most extraordinary thing this week when the jury
was NOT returning the arranged Guilty verdict. He checked in to see who
was most in favor of acquittal and summarily FIRED Mary Jane Cotey from
the jury. And then he imposed a GAG order on Cotey to prevent her from
giving evidence in support of the MISTRIAL motion that ensued. <<<<<<

Don't take it too seriously.

Louisana....now There's a Politicall Pure state...never had a crooked
election there nosir...(huey long)...NOSIR!!!!!