Re: Free Markets: Extro-Nazi's or Extro-Saints (Extrosattvas)

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At 11:56 PM 9/13/97 +0100, Chris Tame wrote:
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>>> Now, on to my two cents' worth. Misperception of classical liberals,
>>> libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, transhumanists and extropians as
>>> myopically selfish and uncaring is a real threat to the power of our
>>Then one should look at why this misperception is so common, shouldn't one?
>The dig here, of course, is that somehow the misperception is OUR fault.
>But, as should be obvious to anyone who gives it a moments thought,
>stigmatisation, stereotyping and demonisation of groups of people is a
>constant factor in all human societies. There need not be the slightest
>justification for any such processes of social delusion (which, of
>course, always serve the purposes of particular interest groups). The
>collectivists and statists have proved to be masters of such
>demonisation. They dress themselves in the garb of righteousness and
>"compassion", and portray liberty and individualism and their exponents
>as inhumane. It would be laughable if it were not so sick.

Quite so, Chris. I've had a couple of experiences of this in Europe lately.
I just got back from Austria where I spoke at a seminar and was slandered
from the audience by Geert Lovink, an "activist" left, and self-avowed
nihilist (his own presentation was illustrated by numerous photos of broken
and decaying objects -- he was practically a Randian villain stereotype!).
This fellow, during the question period of my talk, got up and referred to
extropians as a cult. I pointed out to the audience how this was a great
way of trying to prevent people from rationally considering a point of
view. He actually started his question by saying something like "It would
be easy for me to suggest that you are a Social Darwinist, but I won't." So
he smeared me in a sneaky way. I was pleased that a number of people
afterwards showed they were wise to his ways.

I was also called a fascist when speaking in Germany for daring to suggest
that we use technology to continually improve ourselves!

I had given absolutely no cause for such an attribute, and of course we
extropians have nothing remotely like a cult. Chris is exactly right that
the misperception is hardly our fault. I do think we should give increased
awareness to how we present our ideas. But I give zero credit to those who
use terms like "social Darwinist", "Nazi", or "fascist."


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