Re: Help! Leisure or Extro-Holocaust?

Max More (
Sun, 14 Sep 1997 00:25:08 -0700

At 10:57 AM 9/13/97, Holly wrote:
>Look, I want to evolve as much as the next person - but I should have
>the right to grow at *my* pace. Donít you get it? I am evolving as
>fast as I can! But the free-market (an autoevolutionary and human
>invention if there ever was one - and one which almost everyone on this list
>praises) doesnít give a DAMN about *my* pace. EITHER I ADAPT TO *ITS* PACE

The "market" is simply the collection of individuals interacting on a
voluntary basis. Since you object to "its" pace and claim a right to evolve
at your pace, I can only translate this as meaning that you claim a right
to control the rate at which other people learn and grow. You are free to
grow at your own pace, but you have no right to control the pace of others.

Don't live in a glass house if you're going to throw bricks at us using
words like "fascist".


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