Rick Knight (rknight@platinum.com)
13 Sep 97 22:18:53 CST

o/~ "Extrosatva, wontcha take me by the hand..."

Has a good beat...

Rick Knight writes
My largest incongruity with the classic Extropian viewpoint (as
expressed on this digest) is a seeming lack of humanity and

Anton Sherwood:

I'm not convinced that "incongruity" is the best word here.

Rick Knight:

I love it! (would fall on the floor with a hefty guffaw but am busy
typing) My "lack of harmony"...my "incompatability". Whatever...

Rick Knight waxing idealistic:

I would like to see our combined intelligence and illumination
distributed among the masses, however unworthy or illogical that may
seem to some, rather than hoarded among the privileged few.

Then, cynical Anton <G>:

And if the masses reject our illumination?

The unsinkable Rick Knight:

Oh, yeah, there's that bugger of free choice isn't there? Blast!
Nevertheless, I won't let the stubborn and uninformed masses prevent
me from trying to effect change...anymore than you all should quit
trying to illuminate me. <G>