Re: Defintion of Facism (was: Re: Evolution in action)

Arjen Kamphuis (
Sun, 14 Sep 1997 01:15:10 +0200

At 23:35 12-09-97 +0000 Mark Grant <> wrote:
>On Fri, 12 Sep 1997, Arjen Kamphuis wrote:
>> Example: euthanasia is illegal in most country's, but is becoming accepted
>> in some and has been practised by the Eskimo's for thousands of years.
>I was under the impression that Eskimo 'euthanasia' was much closer to
>what we'd call 'murder'; people didn't commit suicide because they were in
>horrible pain, but committed suicide or were killed because they were a
>drain on the community.

But in their culture this was considered 'acceptible behaviour'. This was
my original point (several posts ago ;-) What is justifiable and what is
not is dependend on culture, time, situation. No absolute right or wrong

>> With a Darwinian Economy I meant an economy without any ethical rules or
>> law-enforcing organisation (like a state).
>Which is a far cry from the kind of anarcho-capitalist or libertarian free
>market societies we've talked about here. The *only* difference between
>anarcho-capitalism and modern society is that we privatise everything,
>including the government and legal system.

Please explain to me how commercial governement/legal system works?
The governement may not be all that nice and efficient but giving control
over the ICBM'ss to an organisation who's primary purpose it is to make a
yearly profit seems rather risky to me.

But I am genuinly interested in your explanation.

>> I'm not saying it won't work, I
>> think it would work very well (that was what the post was all about).
But I
>> find the side-effect of such a system much too high.
>So by your own definition you're a fascist (you put the interests of the
>group above the interests of the individual)?

I could think of some situations (in theorie at least) were I would put the
interest of a number of persosns (the group) above the interst of one
induhvidual. I'm pretty sure I am not a facist, based on the discussion of
the last few days I expect many Extropians would classify me as a
social-democrat or a socialist. Well... maybe I'm guilty of being somewhat
of a 'leftie' by US-standards. But hey, my grandparents were communists so
I guess I'm moving in your direction ;-)

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