Extropian Investing questions

Paul Hughes (planet_p@rocketmail.com)
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 11:18:44 -0700 (PDT)

To those with invesment expertise,

I require maximum liquidity and flexibility in managing my portfolio.

I heard in passing recently, that you can now buy and trade stocks,
bonds, t-bills, and gold WITHOUT A MIDDLEMAN. To me this would be
absolutely ideal!

Is this possible?

Also, is there a way (even in the works) of buying and selling in very
small chunks? In other words, wouldn't it make more sense if the
economy wuld allow invesment in increments of penny's? For example, I
want to invest $2.36 in Microsoft. But, as I understand things, you
have to pay at least in blocks of $140 (the price its currently
selling at) or not at all. This seems to be a very inefficent and
non-fluid restriction and one that favors the rich investor over the
poor one.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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