RE: Extropianis (Protestants in Disguise?)

Laws, David (
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 13:36:24 -0400

Paul Hughes...
> I had
> no idea how much value and *virtue* people on this list have
put on
> *hard* work.

What is *hard* work? Is the alternative *soft* work, *easy*
work, or *no* work?

> I would have thought, being
> extropians you would have the wisdom to see the value and
> *limitations* of hard work have.

What *limitations*? The time spent earning a living?

> I would much rather spend my time transforming my self,
> creating art and having fun.

I would also if someone else gave me housing, food, equipment,
etc at my whim. But then *THEY* would be doing that which I
abhor...i.e.: not spending all their time transforming themselves,
creating art, and having fun.

Then Mark Grant...
>>Can you point out *one* great work of art that didn't require
a great deal
of hard work?

Can he also point out how extropians would share their ideas
without some poor *hard* working hateful non-extropian running the
list, news groups, and web sites, the machines they run on, the network
they connect to, the power system that enables them, etc...

Not to mention the unmentionables *hard* at work publishing the
Extropy periodical...

Ad infinitum...

*Hard* work has nothing to do being a 'wage slave'. I have
chosen a career I enjoy. I basically get paid for creating, playing,
and exploring. I am actually amused I get paid for it. I even enjoyed
the *hard* work I put into my education to obtain this. I have as much
sympathy for anyone who wastes their learning years NOT preparing for
life as I do for someone who knowing builds their house on a flood plain
and then cries 'UNFAIR!' when the waters wash it away.

-David R. Laws