the downtrodden

Anton Sherwood (
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 19:53:34 -0700

Nadia writes--
: [...] and the populace is
: "disenfranchised" - or "dis-empowered". Did you see the film Train Spotting?
: He complains: "the only thing worse than being a wanker is being conquered
: by wankers".

The line was:
"I don't hate the English: they're just wankers.
But us, we're colonized by wankers!"

(sorry I can't do my imitation Glasgow accent in this medium)

: But facts show: we provide for people in need, we also rob them of their
: dignity!! It is a humanitarian s nightmare.

Shouldn't there be a "permanent" in there somewhere?
Surely it's no insult to bring emergency supplies to victims of a fire.

: > What's "proper"? "adequate"?
: Again, it is a perception. But it is up to the individual to decide,
: not some golden mean you make up.

That's a blank check - drawn on whose account?

: I say it means a fairly comfortable
: creature existence. Enough money to make ends meet.

Circular ... To "make ends meet" is to live within one's means (I guess
the metaphor means to make the end of the money reach to the end of the
month). How much that takes, depends on one's habits.

(For me, it takes more than it "ought to", because of debts carelessly
incurred years ago.)

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