Re: Evolution in Action

Anders Sandberg (
12 Sep 1997 23:54:43 +0200

"Rick Knight" <> writes:

> I regard physicality a conduit through which to
> experience the physical world. With all our talks about galaxy
> brains, multiple dimensions, etc.., how could one not be considering
> an existence far beyond that which is biological and physical?

Notice that the galaxy brains and multiple dimensions are all based on
current scientific knowledge or more or less wild extrapolation of this
knowledge (usually clearly marked as such). "Existence beyond" is not
based on any empirical knowledge and thus remains (in the opinion of
most empiricist transhumanists) free speculation. It is fun to
speculate, but in the absence of facts it easily turns into mental
games; it is better to concentrate on what one knows is real to get
things done.

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