Free Markets

Rick Knight (
Fri, 12 Sep 97 10:32:03 CST

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:

Your very use of phrases like "YOUR reality" pegs the issue precisely:
there is only one reality. Period.

Rick Knight:

Well that's absolutist enough to whet my appetite to engage. Is this
something proveable or disproveable with empirical evidence or is it
something you have *decided* you believe?

For me, I believe there could be a singular and multiple realities in
conjunction. Like there is a body and the cells that make it up. A
holographic reality if you will. But I'm going to stop there because
my thinking is "subjective", it's what I believe, and I personally
enjoy it.

As was relayed to me in a psychedelic vision, "you put out in front of
you what you want to see because you are terrified of the void that
would be there were you not filling it with your own creative

Whether I imagined this or this is a universal truth is irrelevant to
me. It could be both. It could be neither. What it is is *my*
reality. My perspective. My POV. I have an angle of viewing the
universe that's unique to me. Collectively we have a very animated
and interesting universe though.

Anyone for pinball?