Re: reincarnation

Prof. Jose Gomes Filho (
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 13:40:21 -0200

At 17:35 10/09/97 -0700, (Anton Sherwood) wrote:
>Anders writes
>: ... she has recently become convinced
>: about reincarnation (yes, she was apparently an Egyptian priestess;
>: how come so few remember their lives as indian farmers?) ...
>Because they were not memorable?
>Roger Zelazny's novel _Bridge of Ashes_ has a good explanation:
>what appears to be reincarnation is passive telepathy by an
>impressionable child. Naturally the child would absorb the most
>exciting memories.

I should say: menthally chid...

By the way, all the religious ( even I, when was one of them...) are
programmed to behave like children (remember, f. ex., "St"Paul in lots of
his letters : "little children....", or the imitated "son of "god" " ) .
But note the (unconscious) logical incoherencies associated to such "adult
x+ children" dual behaviour leads one to several emotional (and lots of
logical) disadjustments... transposed to all other fields of existence...
and democratic (not necessarily inteligent) exercises ( more exercises than
real solutions...) . Indeed, I even think that, if the religious wouldn't
have assumed such posture of considering themselves like children, the
intelectual "fathers" wouldn't be so "paternalists" with them.... (just the
corrupted and very interested on such status quo...)


Libertary ???: or 100% or not yet...but always peacefully... (just some
little slaps, sometimes...)