Re: Couldn't deliver mail to: Felix PowerBook

Anders Sandberg (
12 Sep 1997 07:24:55 +0200

Mark Grant <> writes:

> Geez... I've been unsubscribed for a few days to avoid the Adrian Karth/
> Paul Green flood; don't tell me we now have yet another mail bounce?

Hopefully not. I told Felix, and he looked properly castigated. I think
it has been fixed.

> Any
> chance of adding an Errors-To: header to list mail just in case this dumb
> email software uses it?

Don't say that - his software is intended to be smart, and might take
offense. (Hmm, semi-seriously: in the future we might have to consider
the feelings of our agents, knowbots and helper programs. Don't make
your toaster angry with you!)

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