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Chris R. Tame (
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 01:53:00 +0100

In message <>, Lee Daniel Crocker
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>> > I recommend
>> > for a workable epistemology that will profoundly change your life.
>> I might have been too cursory, but that website didn't convince me
>> the least about neo-tech. In fact, it almost looked like a SubGenius
>> parody of extropianism; a lot of rants against mysticism, the IRS
>> and the current irrationalism interspersed with promises for immortality,
>> prosperity and romantic love. There appeared to be some good ideas
>> in the texts, but I tend to get sceptical of people who spend more
>> time denouncing their detractors than actually getting to the point.
>Actually, it's more of a SubGenius-like parody of Objectivism. In fact
>the charter of Usenet group humanities.philosophy.objectivism states
>that the group was created and moderated specifically for the purpose of
>banning them, by name, from cluttering the discussion. Nothing in the
>neo-tech world is original, interesting, or need be taken seriously.

This is largely true, although every so often the neo-techies express a
fairly conventional Objectivist viewpoint in a rather nice way. They
also lay into the Peikovian pseudo-Objectivist cult regularly. Otherwise
Neo-Tech seems to be straight Objectivism with a load of self-invented
jargon added (fully integrated, golden helmets - which sounds slightly
rude - pips, Zon-power and the like), grandiloquent and grandious claims
about their founder and about their legal battles, achievements and
prospective achievements and promises of personal power and prosperity
that sound like those of various other self-improvement and esoteric

Has anyone done a proper expose of Neo Tech? Who are its organisers, and
what have they really done. Are they self-deluded ("honest" cultists) or
simply fast-buck merchants ripping-off Objectivism?

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