Facist Economy (Was: Kidney knappers)

Paul Hughes (organix@hotmail.com)
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 19:26:55 PDT

In a message dated 97-09-10 12:21:43 EDT, someone wrote:

By DEFINITION fascism is private ownership of production...State Control
of same.

The US is a fascist economy....only no one wants (mostly no
one...certain libertarians are getting huffy to admit it.

Of course in a true 'Darwinian Economy' optimising use of resources
would mean elimination all non-productive individuals (like ants). After
that all individuals that aren't productive enough given their
consumption of limited recources. So after we kill all physically- or
metally chalanged, unemployed and elderly we give IQ-test to all 5-year
olds, score below 110? Kill them to. Then up the minimum by .5 point per
year. Combined with automation of simpler work we should see some
dramatic increase in the standard of living of smart, hardworking
people. Very optimal, very efficient.

Actually, based on many peoples response to Holly' post's, they in the
goodness of their hearts dont want to kill the poor wrethes - just make
them work harder damn it! Didn't you know its for their own good? If
the poor wretches aren't working hard, then they will become
disinfrachnised and loose their dignity. All I have to say to that is -

If hard work is what gives people dignity - then we should put all the
rich people back to work, so they can regain some of *their* dignity

Okay everybody - back to work!


Paul Hughes

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