Re: Post Extropianism: (Was Free Markets: Extro-Nazi's, etc

Geoff Smith (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 19:22:02 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Holly Pearson wrote:

> I have been a subscriber to Extropy since issue #4. Despite a
> tendency towards callousness and an almost blind faith that the free-market
> will fix everything, I have continued to tap in to the extropian culture
> becuase despite the lopsidded nature of many extropians viewpoints, there
> is amazing cogitation going on here. I would be a fool not to utilize
> that.
> BUT:
> Extropianism has as its basic tenet the goal of surpassing all limits
> to our freedom. But as extropians rush to shed the tryannies of
> government, authority, death and taxes they rush to embrace the blind tyranny
> of evolution and the free-market. You have accepted the slavery of
> natural selection and market pressures to get ajob. the extropian tyrannical
> maxim is: Evolve or die!

Pardon? I fail to see the tyranny here. No extropian is forcing you to
evolve. If you just sit there and don't adapt, you will be defeated by
entropy... it seems to me that is the very principle of Extropianism!
Personally, when I stop evolving, I will be dead. If you choose to not
evolve, I think you will find your closest peers will soon
be chimpanzees...

I have a hard time even addressing this post, because it is based entirely
on laziness. Technology will give us the *potential* to do things we've
never dreamed of, and you would waste that potential "passing the joint"?
If your purpose in life is to not have to worry about it, why don't you
just die? This is definitely NOT a suggestion, but I'd like to hear what
your purpose is, or if you have one?