Re: Evolution in action (was: Re Kidney-nappers)
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 17:30:15 -0400 (EDT)

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<< What one person calls a free-market economy, others will call facism. >>

Then the others haven't studied even the barest smidgin of economics.

By DEFINITION fascism is private ownership of production...State Control of

The US is a fascist economy....only no one wants (mostly no one...certain
libertarians are getting huffy) to admit it.
Of course in a true 'Darwinian Economy' optimising use of resources would
mean elimination all non-productive individuals (like ants). After that all
individuals that aren't productive enough given their consumption of
limited recources). So after we kill all physically- or metally chalanged,
unemployed and elderly we give IQ-test to all 5-year olds, score below 110?
Kill them to. Then up the minimum by .5 point per year. Combined with
automation of simpler work we should see some dramatic increase in the
standard of living of smart, hardworking people.
Very optimal, very efficient.
I'll pass...


What in the world are you talking about? I don't claim to be any expert on
anything...but I have read a lot. My primary basis for evolution theory and
Darwinism are the writings of Richard Dawkins.

My basis for understanding Economics is the Chicago School...<sorry...drawing
a blank...yeah there it is...> al.

I confess this is the first I've heard the term "Darwinain Economy"...

I think you're sitting up a straw man...naming it "Free Market
Economy"...ascribing all kinds of terrible things to it...and saying it won't

Needless to say...I don't agree.

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