RE: Subjectivisms, isms in general
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 17:02:41 -0400 (EDT)

In a message dated 97-09-11 13:57:16 EDT, you write:

> If you insist on subjectivism, we can argue no further, for I refuse
> to sacrifice the power of my mind to failed philosophies.

Sacrificing - er what?
You are assuming an argument that I did not make. I have no need for
"ism-ism" Subjective - an internal processing of the "objective" world - is
and continues to be - a state of mind, internally generated, which -
obviously, reality is not. Objectiv-"ism" is a useful tool for me, not
something I feel compelled to cram into every conversation.
As with poverty and other things, subjective experience does exist,with or
without your affinity, your affection or your approval.
To be truly objective one must acknowledge it's impact.
There is always an inner side to perception. Call it psychological noise, if
you like. One can debate over if it is real, but one can not intelligently
erase it or concede all have the same "life" experience. Is the world same
for everyone, regardless of perception? Does a blind man "see" the same as I
do? He may percieve things far beyond my grasp, for all I know.

Oh by the way, you are chasing your tail if you want to prove that reality IS
a reality. It is axiomatic, immutable.
I in NO way suggested that there is "no reality" that exists outside of
physical laws of nature, or that our mind creates our experience by magick -
which is the current meaning of the term "subjectivism" .