Re: Free Markets: Extro-Nazi's or Extro-Saints

Brian D Williams (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 10:46:30 -0700 (PDT)

"Holly Pearson" <> writes:

>Ahhhhhh. Sigh. Alas, to my disappointment, I see that none of
>you have been able to see past your own success. It is obvious
>from your posts that most of you live in the valley where success
>grows on trees. Take a trip to the Midwest and tell me what you
>see. Most of you remind me of Marie Antoinette when she said "let
>them eat cake!". I will try to address everyone's arguments in
>this post.


Here in the Midwest (Chicago) I see a thriving city, new
construction everywhere as former industrial buildings are
converted in giant multiblock tracks into new housing/office space.
I see ever increasing bundles of fiberoptics pulsing with billions
of packets of information per second, money and goods traded at a
rate of over a trillion dollars a day. Help wanted signs

>Me: Absolutely not. That's why most families need 2 breadwinners

Hmmm, the social dynamic has changed, women are taking their proper
place, on equal par with men, thus overturning millenia of
injustice. In order to have a "better" life many chose to go the
dual income route, it has many advantages.

>Me: USA Today. Job insecurity might be okay for you when you have
>an IQ over 140 and computer skills to equip an army. But what
>about the rest of the country who have kids to raise, let alone
>having even touched a computer?

They need to start, 10 years ago I knew little about computers
beyond being able to turn one on, now I make my living building,
and troubleshooting global networks. I argue this point with my
Union (Local 134 I.B.E.W) brothers and sisters all the time. In the
new economy, job security comes from being current, from being
relevant, by updating your skills on a minute by minute basis.

>Me: Tell that to the people who have been automated out of a job.
>All I'm asking is for you to tell me what people of average IQ,
>little money and little skill are going to do when the majority of
>the economy has been automated? Most of these people are not
>collected money from mutual funds even if they knew how. Are you
>saying invest money or die?

The idea of automation replacing everyone is an industrial era
paradigm, it didn't happen, and it won't. Besides in a world full
of robots the new jobs will be in robot repair.......

I loath the school system that taught me nothing about financial
planning, if I had been give something like "The Wealthy Barber" in
grammar school, my life would have been much different. (If I had
listened.... ;) ) As it is I corrected the problem several years
ago and am doing very well by normal standards, and everyone else
can do the same.

>My compassion has led me to several projects that have
>directly benefited people - including my stint with Habitat for
>Humanity and the Peace Corps.

You are to be commended for your generous actions.

>Me: And on that note I bid you all goodnight. I will login
>tomorrow if time allows.

>Holly Pearson

Welcome to the list Holly.