Free Market: Extro-Nazis or Extro-Saints

Rick Knight (
Thu, 11 Sep 97 10:33:35 CST

Holly Pearson posed the question:

So, are you an extro-nazi or an extro-saint?

Rick Knight responds:

My largest incongruity with the classic Extropian viewpoint (as
expressed on this digest) is a seeming lack of humanity and

Although your post has some rather intense, preachy moments and is
easily viewed as flaming by anyone with a defensive posture (and will
likely be intellecutally torn to shreads if this thread has any
staying power), I would have to agree that something will have to give

I would like to see our combined intelligence and illumination
distributed among the masses, however unworthy or illogical that may
seem to some, rather than hoarded among the privileged few.

As I said to EvMick after he said he was essentially not his brother's
keeper, if someone is suffering, I am suffering. I didn't get this
for a long time. I'm sure many people still don't. But we need to
start getting it in a collective way if we wish for the localized
"cancer" of our indifference not to spread to the entire global host.