Extro Note Swap - PDA users in particular

siproj (siproj@ripco.com)
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 08:16:17 -0500 (CDT)

Attention Extro Conference participants.

Each of us that journalized our own notes
of interest have created a store of valued
highlights. Various PDA users most specifically
ones able to transfer the information to a PC
for upload are welcome to exchange contents
of interest.

Beginning here, just send an e-mail with attachments
of pure text and .gif files if diagrams are included.


Notes that are available from me our more
extensive for E2 than for E3. Additionally,
digital camera pictures are available for
non-commercial or Extropy Institute use on
web pages etc.

E3 Highlights are limited to:

Gregory Stock, M.D.
Max More, Development of Self

Total data size approximately 2.1K

E2 Notes, primarily day one are
about 3.6K and includes one rough
illustration .gif file from bionomics
of about 4.0K in size.

Perhaps a joint effort of these combined
notes of many will be included in the
proceedings if they are refined enough
in the editorial process.

Who else brought and recorded information?