Re: Neo-Tech (Was: Free-Markets)

Anders Sandberg (
11 Sep 1997 10:38:49 +0200 writes:

> "The singularity" is the most philosophically untenable concept
> on planet earth at the present time.

Hardly. Just read any book about theology and you will find even
worse concepts.

> I recommend
> for a workable epistemology that will profoundly change your life.

I might have been too cursory, but that website didn't convince me
the least about neo-tech. In fact, it almost looked like a SubGenius
parody of extropianism; a lot of rants against mysticism, the IRS
and the current irrationalism interspersed with promises for immortality,
prosperity and romantic love. There appeared to be some good ideas
in the texts, but I tend to get sceptical of people who spend more
time denouncing their detractors than actually getting to the point.

For example, the secret of neo-tech immortality turned out to be
that we should remove our deathist memes and other irrationalisms,
create a free high-tech society, and then do the necessary research.
The section about physics was filled with grand claims but no
equations, stringent derivations or actual experiments. Finally,
suggesting the book "Poker: a Guaranteed Income for Life" as a
precursor for Neo-Tech didn't exactly improve its image.

So, does neo-tech have anything to contribute except loud claims?

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