Re: META: Psuedo Science

Natasha V. More (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 18:19:30 -0500

At 04:29 PM 9/10/97 -0400, wrote:

>Personally, I think art is creativity without justification,

This is assuming the old and tired and outdated mythic assumption that art
is subjective is accurate; and the inaccuracy of this has been disproved
time and time again on this list by artist themselves as well as those who
have spent the time to learn about art and study its disciplines. Granted,
the creativity of art may need no reason nor conclusion nor to prove a point
if that is its aim. Contrarily, it can also prove a point, make certain,
and be used to convince. Thus, to claim the creativity of art has no
justification could place it in the same camp as pseudo science which
lessens the very values of art. Thins brings to mind the question of the
integrity of art. If we claim concepts, tangible or otherwise, to be state
of the art, then it is not in the camp of pseudo science. If we even claim
that our art has no assemblage of conclusion or purpose, it is still not in
the camp of pseudo science by its very essence.

Nonetheless, your art and your creativity, Wax, might be without
justification, but you might want to question why.