Re: META: Psuedo Science
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 16:18:35 -0400 (EDT)

> I think you are correct: Pseudo science is a substitute for real, solid
> science, and works for people because it is "creativity" without any
> But it is interesting, catches the imagination.
> alledged paranormal effects show a stunning lack of creativity
> and imagination. Why do UFO-riding aliens do the mundane and stupid
> thing they do, instead of something really spectacular, if
> they want to be noticed, If they don't want to be noticed, why
> do the "abductees" have any memory, or why are they still alive?
> Why would aliens use crop circles instead of simply landing?
> Science Fiction writers are generally a great deal more creative than
> this.

Probably because the "abductees" do not know that they are fabricating, and
many storytellers do. Note that while alien abductions are routine and
boring, some urban legends ( take the kidney story) are quite fetching! As
for religions, they have made up some real whoppers that have kept the
attention of millions for years. I suspect the originators of *many* of these
tall-tales KNEW they were lying ( to teach or manipulate through rhetoric) ,
or just making it "more interesting". Alien abductions are more of a