Re: Evolution in Action

Hagbard Celine (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 14:43:09 -0400

Rick Knight wrote:

> My personal jury is still out on dying. It would be a crushing blow
> to those that know and love me (hard as that may be for one or two of
> you to swallow) but I still regard it as emancipatory. Guess that
> "deathist" meme's still stuck in my old-fashioned head. Until more
> profund logic combined with instinctual knowing supersedes it, it's
> staying there and no anxiety is attached to it these days.

Rick! Death is emancipatory? You have thrown off your shackles and can
run off into the wild, blue yonder? I can't help but think that death is
the final chaining of my personal evolution. I view death as a
challenge. If not overcomeable (though this remains to be seen), then at
the very least an impetus to personal action today -- not now, but right
now. Okay, so you are right in a way. Death is indeed emancipatory -- it
frees you from the obligation to grow more complex.

My attitude is not a blind middle-finger to the Grim Reaper. More like
an arrogant smirk. ;-)