FINANCE: Transhuman Tech (was Re: Global Prosperity Group)

Hagbard Celine (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 13:50:48 -0400

Rick Knight wrote:

> However, I want to point out that it's all the monetary systems set up
> in place that keep the status quo thriving and I'm not sure I like
> that. I'm not sure all the governmental controls set up to protect me
> aren't just there to keep me docile and uninformed. I'm not sure in
> this age of information, where INFORMATION itself is the most viable
> commodity on the planet, if one can't use information *about* money to
> make money. I'm not sure I can go on another year or two being a
> corporate zombie, hating my commute, feeling unexpressed as a human,
> feeling anxious about how much I'll have saved for "retirement".

I wonder if there exists anything one might call a transhuman technology
mutual fund? I've been keeping up with Nanothinc's Nanoportfolio at and
conducted a cursory Web search for relevant info, but as yet, I've hit a
dead-end. In general, from a short-term perspective, it may be a good
time to get into tech stocks since the market correction these past few
weeks. Of course, for the long-term, there's a pile of money to be made
in such stocks (money which would expand the ole' future light cone

I'd appreciate any info from those in the know.

Boat Drinks,