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Rick Knight (
Wed, 10 Sep 97 10:36:54 CST

Abraham Moses Genen wrote:

Watch out for anyone who feels that they have to hold their "seminars"
(see: sales pitch) offshore.
Do not give them any money until you have all the facts from several
reliable independent sources.
If I were you I'd find out where they are incorporated, check their
D&B rating, check with the SEC and the State Attorney General's
securities bureau in whatever state they are making their initial
offering in. Check with the FTC and the BBB.

Beware of multi-level distributorships and get-rich-quick schemes.
Beware of franchises and dealerships. The only one who usually makes
any real money in these schemes is the original promoter.


Rick Knight responds:

Thanks for the caution and I'd say there was a good chance I won't be
rushing into anything half-cocked. I'm pretty cautious about money
for some reason.

However, I want to point out that it's all the monetary systems set up
in place that keep the status quo thriving and I'm not sure I like
that. I'm not sure all the governmental controls set up to protect me
aren't just there to keep me docile and uninformed. I'm not sure in
this age of information, where INFORMATION itself is the most viable
commodity on the planet, if one can't use information *about* money to
make money. I'm not sure I can go on another year or two being a
corporate zombie, hating my commute, feeling unexpressed as a human,
feeling anxious about how much I'll have saved for "retirement".

I have been "programmed" with the meme that if it's too good to be
true, it's usually a scam. These days, I'm not so sure...or perhaps I
should be all the more assured that scams are even more elusive and

Anyway, thanks for your counsel. I continue to look for experiential
data about this particular organization so I can make an informed
choice. Right now, I know I want OUT of the normalcy but I still have
to play the economic game.