META: The Open Society And Its Enemies... A Response to Sean Gabb

Tony Hollick (
Tue, 9 Sep 97 05:52 BST-1

Hi, guys 'n gals!

The ('British') General Medical Council has just declared itself' unable'
to investigate Dr. _Robert_ Lefever et. al. after I had responded to both
its Ethics _and_ Fitness to Practice Committees' requests for information on
his activities.

[ FX: "Information! We want information!" ]

[ FX: FLASH!!! ]

The 'GMC' (no relation whatsoever to General Motors Corporation!) has a motto

'Protecting patients
guiding patients'

_Robin_ Lefever (Robert Lefever's highly intelligent (Extropian, even!)
son refers dismissively to the so-called 'GMC' as 'a doctors' trade union'
in our brilliant conversations. >:-}

Yesterday, he concurred acidly that 'Protecting doctors
misguiding patients'

would be a more appropriate motto for the 'GMC' ... >;-}

Accordingly, I have asked the GMC for their Headquarters address and
GPS coordinates... And the time they need to evacuate the building
after (say) a fire alarm (for public safety purposes). Naturally, as a
public-spirited citizen, I have discussed all this with the police. >:-}

So here they are:

'General Medical Council'
178 Great Portland Street
London W1N 6JE
United Kingdom

Telephone: 0171 580 7642
Fax: 0171 915 3641

And they need around fifteen minutes to clear the building, BTW...

/ /\ \


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Dear Madam,

The following is a Chronology of Events from 1978 up to 1985.

I am a citizen of this country.

You need to know of these matters personally as a matter of Kantian obligation.

And I have to tell you of them.

I should say that my own personal preference is for a rights-based liberal
democratic contitutional republic.

In which both you and I will both be sovereign individuals.

I hope you decide to do the right thing.

'Character is Destiny.'


Tony Hollick

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Subject: Robert Lefever and his so-called 'PROMIS' Units

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From: Tony Hollick, | To: General Medical Council
4, Grayling House, | Chairman, Conduct & Ethics
Canford Road, |
Bristol BS9 3NU, | LONDON
England. | England
Telephone (0117)-9501894 | Telephone 0171 580 7642
Internet: | Fax: 0171 915 3642

Dear Madam,

Further to our telephone discussion, for which my thanks:

Dr. Madsen Pirie (President, the Adam Smith Institute, and a patient of
Lefever's) told me that seeking civil or criminal proccedings would be
futile, because all the relevant witnesses would be issued Certificates of
Sovereign Immunity, so as to prevent them from testifying.

True or false, _that they will be so issued_?

The first part is necessary contextual background.

This matter was also discussed in the 'Times' online conference on CIX.

The conference was moderated by John Diamond.

He is now ill with (AFAIK) throat cancer.

All my 'Times' contributions are online, date and time-stamped at:

Here's hoping we can have a free and decent way of life in thes country.

All Best Wishes,

Tony Hollick

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Cross-check and corroborate various matters via:


Fully-indexed public documents and press articles:


The premier [British] Parapolitics Jornal

This note was posted by me in the 'liberty' (NCCL) conference on CIX: [1995]

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

TITLE: The Open Society and its Enemies...

[This is a brief account of some of my experiences of the "Thatcher Years."
Of course, some of these events may have various possible explanations.
Without there having been an adequate investigation, it's not possible to
know. I am not making threats, or issuing demands...

[1978] 18th December; 1:00 a.m. I came within ten minutes of being killed
when a large (@ 150 lb.) car-bomb exploded next to the "Oasis" building in
Holborn (an MI5 outstaion), on my route home. This was after David Davis and
Graham Smith had stopped their car in Tottenham Court Road next to the YMCA
(where another two bombs exploded in the car park that same night), so that I
could walk home to the Alternative Bookshop in Floral Street, Covent Garden.

[1979] Graham Smith, Gerald Hartup and I were verbally threatened,
manhandled, and our property destroyed, by a dozen SWP and Communist Party
people in the presence of Mr. Gordon McLennan, the Secretary of the Communist
Party (whose assistant fetched the attackers), while we were distributing
entirely innocuous "Freedom Association" literature to the public at Brixton
Underground Station, pointing out the distinction between communism and
capitalism: "Under Capitalism, you are free to criticise Capitalism. Under
Communism, you are also free to criticize Capitalism."

On several occasions while I was living and working there, bricks were
thrown, smashing through the front windows of the Alternative Bookshop at 40
Floral Street; and telephoned threats were received, as well as other acts
directed against the property.

July 1879: I was dismissed from my job at "The Freedom Association",
supposedly for attending an ISOS/Heritage Foundation Summer School at
Cambridge during my holiday, at which I was asked by the ISOS organizers to
give a talk on libertarian ideas. This was after an article by the notorious
right-wing conservative and police witness Ernest van den Haag attacking
libertarianism had been published by the American conservative magazine
"National Review" in their July issue. Van den Haag was a participant at the
Summer School, as were Gerald Frost, Geordie Hayward, Diana Bowen, Graham
Smith and Keith Joseph.

Afterwards, a letter was brought to my attention, dated 14 August 1979,
written by the director of "The Freedom Association", a Defence intelligence
Staff army major, Derek Jackson to Lord de l'Isle, the chairman, saying that
"It might be said that we have already in part neutralised the situation as
the two most outspoken of the Alliance are Hollick and Chris Tame." Graham
Smith was not objected to, it seems. A month later, my friend Gerald Hartup
was also dismissed, but Jackson and Smith themselves were ousted before this
came into effect.

[1980] Feb 4; My aunt and godparent Mrs. Joyce Pike was found dead in a
river, supposedly from drowning, outside Glenside Hospital, an hour after
news of a "mistaken diagnosis" of depression had been notified to me by
telephone by her consultant, a Dr. Charneaud. This was after she had been
subjected to months of ruinous hospitalization at Barrow, extended
electroshock (at the hands of Drs. Rooth and Hughes) and drug "treatment"
entirely inappropriate to a _thyroid condition_.

She herself said her problem was pain and disability casued by an
incompetent knee operation, which had left her hardly able to walk, and look
after her husband. My telephone calls were made from a phone subject to
interception, at the Alangate Group Chairman's office.

[1981] On 3 June I had to abandon my home completely and immediately , on
police instructions from David Hedges, after threats were made against me
and the life of my pet cat on 2nd June by one Rex Smoothy, a criminal.

He threatened to cut Beeper's throat in front of me.

This necessitated my moving immediately to David Davis's house in Denmark
Rd., Bedford, more than sixty miles (five hours a day travelling time)
away from my place of work.

[1982] My main client company (the Alangate Group of employment agencies) was
finally deliberately and unlawfully put out of business by Inland Revenue
Special Office officials, owing me #1,700.00, and leaving several thousand
people without work, and this after John Blundell, Gerald Frost, Lord
Cockfield and others at the Centre for Policy Studies had been told what was
going on. This was the second time this had happened.

1982: My uncle and godparent Bertram Pike, a retired trade union leader, was
found dead (and his will was found to have been changed; no probate document
was ever received). One of his friends has said there was something
suspicious about his death; I have no means of knowing.

July 1982: The MI5-controlled publication "Searchlight" published an article
attacking George Miller, a young Liberal Party officer and NTS anti-Soviet
activist; and the Libertarian Alliance, a small human-rights group which I
had helped to found. This attack 'coincided' with the KGB arresting NTS free
trade union activists in Russia (Moscow and Leningrad).

22 Aug; A contentious Libertarian Alliance (LA) foreign policy day-school
took place.

October; the LA dispute worsened. At Chris Tame's request, I went to his
assistance, and that of the Alternative Bookshop and George Miller. A
sub-group of Libertarian Alliance members, led by David Ramsay Steele and
Mark Brady, and supported by the American-based Institute for Humane Studies
and SEARCHLIGHT, were trying illicitly to seize control of the Alternative
Bookshop and the LA.

20 Nov; Michael Zegarac threatened to arrange for the Socialist Workers'
Party to fire-bomb the Alternative Bookshop, if Chris Tame got into a fight.
Steele repeatedly threatened to publicly "name" Chris Tame, Judy Tame, myself
and others as "intelligence agents", implying that we were acting under
direction, when -- as far as I know -- none of us ever had. Zegarac also
threatened to 'grass' me to the Inland Revenue for tax evasion.

15 Dec; A menacing -- blackmailing -- letter from David Ramsay Steele
addressed "To Whom It May Concern" was forwarded to the DPP by our --
concerned -- Solicitors.

24 Dec; A very unpleasant entrapment attempt took place, when a "security
guard" approached me in a railway carriage, asked me if I had a "shooter",
and then offered to _kill_ Steele and his associates for money.

25 Dec; These incidents were pre-emptively reported by me to the Metropolitan
Police, who seemed in no hurry whatsoever to obtain a description of the

[1983] 9 Jan.; After further efforts on my part to get the authorities to
deal with the deteriorating situation, I was asked by the Anti-Terrorist
Branch at New Scotland Yard (C13) to stay on after Hillel Steiner's inquiry
at the Waldorf Hotel so as to learn more of the intentions of Steele and his

11 Jan.; I did so: more threats, and violent attacks by Steele occurred (and
were reported by complaint later that night to C13)

13 Jan.; According to a C13 officer, the matter was the responsibility of the
Metropolitan Police, Special Branch (C11). During a meeting with two of their
people which took place at Beckenham Police Station, which they started by
saying that they were investigating allegations of security "leaks", it was
rather obvious they would prefer these matters to be ignored, and hints to me
of ten-year terms of imprisonment for "conspiracy to murder" making it harder
to leave the country rather emphasised this. They seemed quite friendly. I
would not want to harm Steele's life-chances, and I would also prefer a quiet
life. I said I did not want to press charges for assault and threats to
murder, and that I wanted Steele to rejoin his American wife in America.

[ The officer was Detective-Inspector Ray Dowd ]

On returning to the U.S., Steele, with his friend Brady, rewarded this
forbearance by publishing a variety of abuse, disinformation and allegations
of involvement with British intelligence and so on, in "Libertarian
Vanguard", a publication controlled by US government informers. When I
discussed their threats of further 'revelations' with 'Special Agent
Dolan' supposedly of the San Francisco Branch of the FBI, he pointed out
that the First Amendment prohibited pre-publication censorship, and asked
_me_ for a written complaint, even though the LV article was in blatant
breach of the US Intelligence Identities Protection Act.

At that time, the Reagan administration was apparently trying by means of
National Security Directive D84 to get powers of prior restraint on
publishing, in violation of the US Constitutional guarantees of freedom of
the press. I received hints that if Chris Tame and/or his wife Judy and/or
myself had been attacked or killed by 'terrorists' this would have been most
helpful to passage of such further measures.

Since then, Brady and and some of his associates have received tens of
thousands of dollars from Institute for Humane Studies-linked funds. (This
may be what I.H.S. -- a Koch (Wichita, Kansas, billionaires) front --
calls "recruiting intelligence officers for freedom:" paying America's
enemies to attack America's friends).

Brady works full-time for IHS now; he and Steele and Rantala are closely
involved with them...

Since then, my telephone has been monitored and obstructed (obtrusively);
my mail has been opened or 'disappeared' (obtrusively); someone with SIGINT
knowledge may explain more about the monitoring of word processor
radiofrequencies. Other unusual and unpleasant incidents have occurred.

17 November 1982: Ashford, Kent; My friend Andrew Robert Dennett, whom I used
to accompany to church when he was five years old, was found dying of cyanide
poisoning. He was 19 years old. I learnt of this after receiving a letter
from Steele's associate Steven Berry, at ESOC Darmstadt, West Germany,
referring to "a leather-bound set of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica." This was
a gift given by me to Andrew, Peter and Terence Dennett when they were
children, at Christmastime in 1969.

The existence of a cassette tape-recording was pointed out to me, and I
asked Andrew's step-father for it; I then listened to the recording, made by
Andrew prior to his death. Andrew Dennett had recorded his belief thast his
life was being destroyed, as well as his fear that he was going to be
murdered, and naming those he feared were going to kill him as Klara Barrett
and his step-father Michael Dickens (a Freedom Association member). The
existence of this tape-recording was notified to New Scotland Yard within 24
hours; the interviewing officers' existence was denied; there was no
follow-up at all.

13 October 1983; Margaret H. Thatcher's birthday. My pet cat Beeper's
still-warm and floppy dead body was handed to me in a black polythene bag at
6 o'clock in the evening at the local Veterinary Hospital. I had been told
that Beeper had died 'under anaesthesia' at 10 o'clock that morning. A "vet"
was obliged to leave the country a few days later for illegally 'operating on
human beings.' [I had asked 'Dr.' Robert Lefever for a 'second opinion.'

In the same week, George Miller's car was rammed. Coincidentally, Two
cars hired by Jeremy Shearmur from Hertz had mechanical failures. Jeremy's
a skeptic.

[1984] 14 Jan; After spending the evening with Jeremy Shearmur, I was
attacked, head-butted and maliciously injured in Croydon Road, Beckenham,
while trying to arrest a man who had attacked and injured my landlord's son.
The police were called, and seemed very uninterested. After 15 minutes they
were persuaded to note a description of the attacker. They were not heard
from again.

7 February 1984; Andrew Dennett's brother Terry was hospitalised with a
broken neck in New South Wales, Australia, after his car was rammed in a
head-on crash by an identical stolen BMW, registration no. BS 201. (BS 201
happens to be the basic CIA file descriptor). Both cars were destroyed by
fire. The other driver disappeared. This happened one year to the day after
Brady's associate Michael Zegarac issued a document mentioning "measures" he
and his associates would be taking, and one year to the day after Jorge
Amador's "Better Red than Dead" article was published in the US.

July 1984; All mention of these events was censored from the publication
"Free Life: The Journal of the Libertarian Alliance", which I edited, after I
had sent the copy for the issue to the printers. This was done on the
instructions of Jillian Becker, the self-styled "terrorism" expert and
RENAMO apologist.

[1985] As confirmed by John Warden, the Daily Express Political Editor,
abuse and disinformation instigated by Mr. John Selwyn Gummer and his
associates at Conservative Central Office, and directed against conservatives
and libertarians as well as the Libertarian alliance, was published on the
front page of the Daily Express, on national ITV news, and elsewhere. By this
time I had ceased work on medical advice, with a diagnosis of "stress
reaction." My employment was subsequently lost. The Daily Express paid
four-figure sums in damages to Chris Tame and Madsen Pirie.

A man was charged with and convicted of arson with intent to endanger
life after another fire-bombing at the Alternative Bookshop, while Brian
Micklethwait was staying there. On the very same day, the "private-sector"
doctor R. Lefever (another "Freedom Association" member, whose stated concern
for "state secrecy" seems to exceed his concern for the well-being of the
patients who pay him) was telling me I was being "paranoid" and that I was
"imagining" these incidents (having previously told me the very same
incidents (including the three 'non-accidental' deaths) were connected in a
way I would never discover, being part of a "plot" being perpetrated by "the
KGB", based at 9, Poland Street, London W1, according to him, who were
"trying to drive us crazy" as part of a plan to diminish the effectiveness of
anyone opposing the KGB).

Counter-Information Services, the UK affiliate of Transnational Institute
(the international wing of the American Institute for Policy Studies), as
well as the Tory Reform Group, also used 9, Poland Street, which was
controlled by the Rowntree Trust. The Rowntree Trust, (which with Keith
Joseph also took part in establishing the Centre for Policy Studies), had
Chitnis as chairman at the time. Chitnis is also a close associate of David
Steel, the Liberal Party politician.

Since that time, further unpleasant incidents have occurred.

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

The cumulative effect of being subjected to this continued misconduct,
without adequate defence or support, has been to deplete my resources of
skills and intellectual and financial capital, and to make it almost
impossible to plan ahead with any confidence so as to earn a living. I am
presently receiving prescribed mild tranquillizers (to mitigate anxiety) and
prescribed anti-depressants (to mitigate a profound sense of grief at having
my life, my relationships and my life-chances damaged). And those are the
only drugs I have had anything to do with (to my knowledge). I am at this
time disabled and unable to work [with a diagnosis of post-traumatic
stress disorder].

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

The response of the "Conservative" government to these and other
incidents has been quite disgracefully negligent, inadequate as well as
incompetent. I do know that I have not done anything injurious to anyone. We
might have expected that the authorities would help us to resolve the
problems, and that they would at least try to provide adequate safety
measures and restitution. So much for "defending freedom." So much for "the
Rule of Law."

As the Tory Government allowed this country's free-society intellectual
activists to be messed around like this, it is not really surprising that
their policies continued to lose support by the day. If the abilities and
energies and resources of our "brightest and best" are dissipated by such
unpleasantness, is it any wonder that our country has so many unsolved
problems? Or that people become reluctant to speak out in defence of a free
society, with disastrous consequences for the quality of life and the
prospects for any real national security?

It is a matter for some regret that, after so many years of effort trying
to make this a country where individual freedom, ability, courage,
independent thought and civilized behaviour are respected, valued and
protected, I should have to say, with very considerable regret, that for me,
the "Thatcher Years" proved to be an unnecessarily costly and miserably
disappointing failure.

I think it is fair to say that what has been going on in this country
does not come close to measuring up to the standards of administration for an
Open Society which Karl Popper could have considered to be anywhere near

Tony Hollick

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

(Summary of relevant discussion in CIX 'medical/6general', an open conf).

Message 2813 from anduril, 3904 Jun 17 20:17 97 1
------------------- * * * * * ---------------

One Dr. Robert Lefever made an appalling mess of my life for a
while. I was a paying customer at his 'PROMIS Unit of Primary Care.' BTW.
The Secretariat of the Ethics Committee of the GMC _asked me to make a
formal complaint_, after my enquiry had been 'bounced' by a hack staffer
who told me 'nothing we can do.' The Committee then said there was
nothing they could do, after all. Surprise, surprise. Lefever has (or
had) some very prominent and influential Thatcherite Conservatives as

He told me that my aunt (who was found dead in a river outside
Glenside Hospital an hour after her consultant had informed me of a
'mistaken diagnosis' -- a diagnosis that resulted in massive electroshock
and wholly inappropriate drug 'treatment' for her supposed 'thyroid
disorder') had been _killed_. She was actually suffering from a botched knee
operation. Negligence lawsuits, anyone? I was told by a senior adviser to
10 Downing Street that all the relevant witnesses would be issued with
immunity certificates, to prevent them being subpoena'd and compelled to
testify. Sound familiar?

He told me that her husband had also _not_ died accidentally.

He told me that my young friend Andrew Dennett had been killed
(Andrew had been found dying of cyanide poisoning on november 17, 1982. He
left a tape recording stating his belief that he was going to be murdered.
I notified this to Special Branch at NSY. Nothing was done -- no
follow-up at all. The first time this information appeared on the
Coroner's file was around the time that Thatcher resigned).

He told me 'the KGB' were involved, and that he had access to
'secret information' confirming this, which was denied to me.

Imagine, if you can, being told that three people you loved had
been murdered to 'get at' you because of your _political activities_, and
thant there was _nothing_ you could do about it.

Oh, (and the least of my problems), he stuck something violently
into my 'nether regions' without bothering to ask for my informed consent
first. I hadn't visited him with any problems in that region of my
anatomy. In the States, this could constitute felony rape.

[His recent comment on this: "I'm sure the GMC will be pleased to hear
that I examined you thoroughly." So very pawky... ]

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

Lefever now owns and runs a vastly costly 'addiction treatment
unit' in Kent. According to the Professor of Psychiatry who examined the
Unit, he utilizes William Sargant's 'conversion' techniques (i.e.
brainwashing), which physiologically alters brain functions by imposing
unbearable stress. See Sargant, 'Battle for the Mind.' [[1957] and [1959].

His patients may be referred by the police or the courts, or their
parents, or their employers, or the government. Or, they may be told that
the alternatives to attending his 'Unit' for his 'treatment' may be very
unpleasant. And that, should they try to _leave_ during 'treatment'...

This constitutes an ethical basis for _informed consent_?

If someone were to get their 'jollies' making people suffer, or
watching them suffer, what a great place to work! According to their
office, _all_ the staff are (or were) 'graduates' of his treatment regime.
He wants to sue for libel? Well, I (and others) can always counter-claim.

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

According to 'The Dictionary of Espionage' (Stein and Day, New
York), MI6 ('British Intelligence') have a Section, P4, which recruits
doctors, lawyers, and other 'professionals' as informants and operatives,
in grotesque breach of professional ethics and the Hippocratic oath.

Ditto for MI5.

Ditto for the police.

Ditto for Social Services.

"Professional ethics"? Please, don't make us all laugh...



------------------- * * * * * ---------------

Check out Professor Lawrence Weed's diagnostic software and treatment
systems. He's at the University of Vermont. It's truly brilliant work.

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

Interleaved comment here:

Lefever stole the PROMIS medical information system name, told his
patients he was using it, and completely failed to provide any of the
elements of the PROMIS procedures: He calls himself PROMIS medical

[1] Full printed copy of all symptoms detected provided to the patient.

[2] Full copy of diagnosis, and rationale for recommended treatment
procedures ditto.

[3] Full monitoring of treatment outcome(s) with copy to patient.

No-one I know ever received _any of this_.

Perhaps Robin Lefever can correct this now.


------------------- * * * * * ---------------

Message 2846 from anduril, 8480 Jun 20 05:04 97 1


>> Imagine, if you can, being told that three people you loved had
>> been murdered to 'get at' you

> I can imagine being told, as you relate, but I find it hard to believe.
> Do *you* believe it?

I did then. I _trusted_ the man. And this was all in the context of the
'Cold War', and some pretty hideous things happening to me directly. A
lot of our worst fears had eventuated.

I was terrified of even _discussing_ all this for years.

'Before I was 'mad' because I couldn't talk about it. Now, I'm 'mad'
because I can.' -- Pauline, in Ariel Dorfman's Death and the Maiden.'

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

Now, I've considered and discussed so many possiblities, it's hard to be
certain any more. A Public Inquiry might get to the bottom of it all.
The maddening thing is that the necessary information and reports are on
file with MI5, MI6 and CIA, just for starters.

But that won't happen, I'd guess. For rather obvious reasons....

I have a 20k. ASCII file available on all this, BTW. A chronology.

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

>> because of your _political activities_,

> what activities were these, Tony?

Inter alia:

I was and am an active individualist radical liberal, associated with
other like-minded people, including anarchists of various hues. We were
valuable to the intellectual architects of what became known as
'Thatcherism' -- Chris R. Tame worked at the Freedom Association, and the
Centre for Policy Studies. David Ramsay Steele did some work for Keith
Joseph, whom I'd met several times, along with Geoffrey Howe and various
other 'name' political figures.

Without acting under their direction or control, or beinmg paid for it,
some of us might just on occasion have helped MI6 and CIA folk in
smuggling 'subversive' literature into various despotic countries. All
part of the 'War of Ideas.' >:-}

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

We had the Alternative Bookshop, with something to attract (and offend)
everyone. Firebombings. Death threats. Window-smashings.

>From 1978 to 1980, (even though i was summarily fired in July 1979), I
worked as Office Services Manager for the Freedom Association <sigh>,
described by Thatcher as 'probably the most effective organization
fighting for our freedoms in Britain today.' Ref: Hugo Young, 'One of
Us', p. 111

Also, see Brian Crozier's recent book 'Free Agent', and LOBSTER 11.

I was fired for giving a talk on libertarian ideas during my holiday (!),
to a 'Free Society' Summer School organized by the UK end of the Heritage
Foundation in Washington, at the invitation of the organizers.

One of the participants was Ernest van den Haag, a US academic who was a
police witness in the judicial murder of Lenny Bruce, the comedian..

Assistant Attorney General in the case, Vincent Cuccia said: "We knew what
we were doing. We drove him into poverty and bankruptcy ... We watched
him fall apart. We used the law to kill him.'

http:/ LOBSTER site. 'NameBase' site: '90 000 spooks and Rightists'

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

Then we started the Libertarian Alliance, to further our own ideas.

Hey, ho!

So we were upsetting lots of people, you see:

[1] MI5, who are an immiscible culture vis-a-vis MI6. [The TV series
'The Prisoner' portrays this brilliantly. Written by George Markstein,
senior MI6 officer... ] MI5 exists to prevent radical change in this
country -- _any_ kind of radical change. It's rather good at it.

[2] The Marxist 'Left', who disliked our market economics and our
anti-collectivist bias, and our aversion to Statism and determinism.

[3]The Fascist Right, who hated our position on race, immigration,
individual liberty, and freedom of thought and expression.

and 'SEARCHLIGHT' magazine, which manages to combine all three of these...

The authoritarian Tories:

The authoritarian elements in the Police.

The list is not exhaustive... >:-}

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

> and that there was _nothing_ you could do about it.

Inter alia, Madsen Pirie, President of the Adam Smith Institute, told me
this. It seems to be true, doesn't it? We used to be friends. I used to
be invited to his birthday dinners. Not any more.

> this, I find impossible to imagine. If these murders were committed, and
> if there was a coverup, then I am sure there's not a cixen here who
> wouldn't offer to help see justice done.
> You can start with me

Always remember, you did ask. >:-}

There quite certainly have been a _series_ of 'coverups.' Quite what of,
is not entirely certain.

If my aunt and God-mother had been deliberately tortured to death in the
most hideous manner, it would have looked no different to what actually

Check out the ongoing case of the hideous death of JonBenet Ramsey on the
Web, and you will understand rather better, why it is that some people are
_extraordinarily_ reluctant to talk about various things.

[What was her father involved with? Her death has all the hallmarks of a
'demonstration' killing.]

Check out the death of Patricia Luna Wilson (writer Robert Anton Wilson's
daughter) who was found battered to death, aged just 15, with a bloodied
MasterCharge machine lying next to her. "For a few dollars more..."

[Note: 8 September 1997] And the deaths in Paris of Diana Spencer etc.

Would anyone here want this sort of thing to happen to _their_ family?

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

I notified details of the circumstances of Andrew Dennett's death, and the
tape recording he left behind, to Special Branch at NSY immediately upon
learning of it, and hearing the tape (a hideous experience --
'Schrechtlichkeit', as the Germans say). I was told that the name I gave,
of the senior SB officer who interviewed me at Beckenham Police Station on
13 January, 1983, _didn't exist_. I called several times. Got me
no-where. No follow-up at all.

Three other witnesses heard this tape also. I didn't 'imagine it.'

[The SB officer was Detective Inspector Ray Dowd. He certainly does
exist. I spoke with a colleague of his just the other day. _So why was I
repeatedly told by the SB switchboard they had no officer of that name on
the staff?_]

I notified the Ashford Coroner's Office three times. The relevant person
was 'on holiday' or 'away for the day' or the safe was locked and someone
else had the keys (rather apt, that).

A police officer friend of mine, David Hedges, tried three times to
contact the Kent Police to get them 'on the case', apparently without
success. Coincidentally, he was busted off the Force a bit later, on some
pretext or other.

Even more coincidentally, his youngest son was killed in a motorcycle
smash a couple of years later. He was around Andrew's age. Maybe just
another 'accident.'

MPs and senior Government advisers in Britain and the US have been told.
Nothing happened. Zilch. It's the _total lack of response_ tht's

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

In 1990, , I gave a signed written statement by way of complaint to
Bristol Special Branch. I was asked sternly: 'Why haven't you raised this
before?' [ROFL!!!]

The officer said he'd get back to me with the Coroner's reports. He
'vanished' too, and was not seen again. He was promptly moved to another
post. But the details of the tape etc. appeared on the Coroner's file on
Andrew's death at that time.

Thatcher resigned pretty well at the same time. (Coincidence, no doubt).

------------------- * * * * * ---------------

At the request of his Personal Private Secretary, I sent a 20k. Fax copy
to Douglas Hurd's personal fax number at the Foreign Secretary's office at
the Foreign Office. He announced his retirement from politics a little
bit later. Just another coincidence, no doubt. Ask him why there was no
follow-up, and why the man I spoke with about this was posted out of the
country, to Hong Kong.

'Coverups'? On _this_ scale?

What sort of country do you think we've got here, Peter?

Fire up your Search Engines.

Do a Web Search for 'November 17' to start with. The date of Andrew's
death. Someone's 'calling card', perhaps? Such things do happen.

Do some 'NameBase' searches, and check out the links and contexts.

Then check out 'Robert Moss' (who was chucked out of the Freedom
Association -- then named 'The National Association for Freedom.' a bit
before I went to work at its HQ)...

And 'Ernest van den Haag'

And links and contexts...


Then we'll talk some more.

'Good Hunting', all!

Best Wishes,


'Freedom means doing whatever you damn well please' -- Barry M. Goldwater.

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Dear Mr. Day,

Sorry for the delay.

It takes some courage to send you this, I can tell you.

Further to our telephone discussion, for which my thanks:

Dr. Madsen Pirie (President, the Adam Smith Institute, and a patient of
Lefever's) told me that seeking civil or criminal proccedings would be
futile, because all the relevant witnesses would be issued Certificates of
Sovereign Immunity, so as to prevent them from testifying.

True or false, _that they will be so issued_?

This matter was also discussed in the 'Times' online conference on CIX.

The conference was moderated by John Diamond.

He is now ill with (AFAIK) throat cancer.

All my 'Times' contributions are online, date and time-stamped at:

Here's hoping we can have a free and decent way of life in thes country.

All Best Wishes,

Tony Hollick

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Date: Wed, 25 Jun 97 23:06 BST-1
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Subject: Subject: The Open Society and its Enemies



/ /\ \

Check out:

'Freedom means doing whatever you damn well please' -- Barry Goldwater.

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